Golden Pear Study

There is just something about a pear that makes it a joy to paint. Maybe it’s the rich colors, or the curves of the unusual shape, or how it can be placed next to other objects in a pleasing composition. Possibly it’s just thinking about the delicious taste.


Beautiful red Cardinal Birds searching for food in fresh fallen snow. Brings back memories of home in Virginia where they are celebrated as the state bird.

Shelley Blue Cup with Roses

One of the most beautiful patterns of china. I love the shades of blue as it compliments so many objects that I enjoy using in still life settings.

Water Lilies

A perfect day at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens where these water lilies lay floating in the shallow water just waiting to be painted. It was a peaceful, slow day, and I was able to sit on a bench nearby and study the textures and colors for quite a while.


This was a study to see how bright I could get the flesh of the melon and retain the juicy texture. A dark brown background helped add to the freshness.

Pear and Grapes Study

I was drawn to the rich colors of the pear against the dark background. The glass was amazingly easy to paint so I decided to include glass in several more paintings just for the fun of it.


– 14×11 oil on canvas – 

Buster is a sweet furry friend that lives across the street. He keeps an eye out his window watching for the moment that I might appear with a tasty treat. I love his rich warm coat of brown, his tremendous muscular build and his gentle spirit.

Peach Carnations

– 11×14 oil on canvas – 

Pairing these lovely pale peach carnations with the first blooms of my snapdragons made a combination that called for a painting.

Star Bunny

8×6 oil on panel – 

Star Bunny has been a treasured friend for my sweet granddaughter Katie for many years. He needed to be painted to preserve the wonderful memories.