10×20 oil on Belgium Linen

Train Graffiti has become such a common sight that most of us rarely notice it.  While waiting for a local train to pass, I found myself compelled to paint the colorful graffiti not as an exact replica, but in a slightly abstract sketchy way. 

The “criminal” art form gained popularity in the early ’70’s in NYC. Two British teens visiting NYC took the idea home to continue the trend. It is a dangerous venture, usually well planned in advance, and a unique way for the artist to have their work seen by a huge number.  Sometimes stencils are used to display the artist’s signature and street number or gang  affiliation.

While I do not condone the criminal side of graffiti,  somehow this form has a less negative effect, perhaps because it is only seen briefly and doesn’t “feel” permanent.  I chose to capture it in a painting because it is a part of history.

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