• 11X14 oil on canvas

Capturing the sound of waves crashing against huge boulders in oil is a daunting task. The tranquil colors of the water, the weight of the rocks emerging close to the shore, the distinctive smells of the ocean – a place for renewal, a place to remember.

In Memory of Bama

  • 11 x 14 oil on Belgium linen

Dogs have personalities and certain mannerisms that make them unique – just like people. Painting Bama was a little different than most of the dog portraits I do. He was a rescue dog adopted years ago by our dear friends Rick and Tanya Britton-Rell. He was loved and well cared for from adoption until his final moment, but there was always a sadness in his eyes that told the story of his preadoption days. Laying on a crimson Alabama blanket with his silky coat shining in the light, he seems to be saying “thank you” for giving me a good life!

Jasmine Hill

Jasmine Hill

  • 18 x 24 oil on linen

Jasmine Hill Gardens in Wetumpka, Alabama is a wonderful celebration of Greek history.  I was compelled to paint the “Nike” statue as it stands watch over the reflection pool with beautiful pops of color in the fallen leaves and rich green foliage in the background.  It is a lovely place of peace and tranquility.

Double Cascade Petunias

– 11 x 14 in oil –

When I received the packet from Park Seeds, I couldn’t believe how tiny the seeds were. They were barely visible. I planted them in homemade self-watering containers and patiently waited until the petunias grew into hardy plants. Here then is a painting inspired by Double Cascade Petunias.


10×20 oil on Belgium Linen

Train Graffiti has become such a common sight that most of us rarely notice it.  While waiting for a local train to pass, I found myself compelled to paint the colorful graffiti not as an exact replica, but in a slightly abstract sketchy way. 

The “criminal” art form gained popularity in the early ’70’s in NYC. Two British teens visiting NYC took the idea home to continue the trend. It is a dangerous venture, usually well planned in advance, and a unique way for the artist to have their work seen by a huge number.  Sometimes stencils are used to display the artist’s signature and street number or gang  affiliation.

While I do not condone the criminal side of graffiti,  somehow this form has a less negative effect, perhaps because it is only seen briefly and doesn’t “feel” permanent.  I chose to capture it in a painting because it is a part of history.

The Duke and Duchess

– 10×10″ oil on panel –

Several online photos taken by photographer Lindsay Havlicek Bell in FL were so compelling, I knew I had to capture the scenes on canvas.  I normally paint from life, but this was an exception. Hurricane Cindy had ushered the flamingos into the Florida panhandle, and it is a rare site indeed.  Thank you, Lindsay for granting permission to paint these lovely creatures! Here’s a report on the sighting from mypanhandle.com

A second painting titled Flamingos Flee Cindy is below.

Main and Depot

– 24×30  oil on canvas – 

Main Street in Columbia, Alabama would make the perfect setting for a Hallmark movie; a quaint, lovely, and bustling symbol of America at its best. I fell in love with the courthouse on the corner of Main and Depot. With the cream and gray stone structure, stately columns and heavy ornamentation, brown domes, and towering clocks, it was a pleasure (and a lot of very hard work) to paint. Final highlights included tiny splashes of color in the waste basket and the jewel street lights hanging like diamonds over the sidewalks.

The Lighthouse

20×16 oil on canvas – 

I was compelled to paint this beautiful scene because of the rich colors and especially the sun hitting the front of the tower. The rocks on the side of the bank were rough and called for rich, thick strokes of paint.


It’s hard to resist painting a Maltese. Coco is energetic and very intelligent with a very sweet personality.

White Rose Study

Always a lovely subject and a challenge to capture the subtle shades of color that one has to search intently to find.